The Technological Future of American Universities

U.S. colleges and universities are under pressure: automation, artificial intelligence, competition with schools and online learning systems. Some companies even require workers to have specific skills training and certifications – as opposed to college degrees. Online education is disrupting classic education model and colleges are still not prepared for serious changes. For example, 800 out […]

Next-Gen Digital Agriculture

Digital technologies are transforming agriculture industry, making farm’s field operations more insight-driven and efficient. Agriculture is moving out of its traditional limits with global population growth, changes in markets demands and climate change. Experts believe that in current situation local know-how is not enough in many cases and farmers need to find solutions and adapt […]

Military Industry Should Begin Incorporating AI into Modeling and Simulation

Artificial intelligence is changing the military industry. While officials and industry experts discuss how AI can benefit the use of warfighter in near future, technology, based on the big data, promises to predict when parts on a vehicle are about to wear out. At the same time, improvement of modelling and simulations for training purposes […]

These 12 Higher Education Trends Will Improve Student Success in 2018

Statistics show that the six-year graduation rate of undergraduate students in the USA, who enrolled in 2009 and got their BA degrees in four years is only 59%. Such a small figure indicate that student success is one of the top priorities of universities in near future. The reasons for delaying completion of a degree […]

Specific AI Training Systems Can Enhance Interoperability of Troops

The U.S. Army, Air Force, Navy and Marine Corps as well as NATO, are in need of specific training systems that will help their forces train together for a future conflict in the land, air, sea, space and cyber domains, practice and enhance interoperability of troops. Military experts came to this conclusion during the Interservice/Industry […]

Education is crucial for equality in future work

Technology is making everyday life and work much easier, puts workers into contact with customers and allows individuals to build and promote their reputations at low cost. But will salary employment be replaced by gigs and work replaced by robots? Now a firm’s collective reputation, with the concomitant control of its employees’ behaviour, is becoming […]

The future of agritech: automated farms

The agriculture in near future will be fully automated. Every phase of operation, from seed to harvest, won’t require a participation of a human being. You may already have heard about artificial intelligence robots that are zapping weeds with accurate precision, autonomous tractors harvesting on a farmland and satellites accessing and checking crop health from […]

10 Eric Schmidt Quotes at the Center for a New American Security Artificial Intelligence

Eric Schmidt, the executive chairman of Google parent company Alphabet, was a guest speaker at the Center for a New American Security Artificial Intelligence and Global Security Summit. The Artificial Intelligence and Global Security Summit brought together technology leaders and top policymakers to explore the state of artificial intelligence and discuss the implications of the […]

Autonomous weapons: decisions to kill or not?

Autonomous weapons: decisions to kill or not? To kill or not to kill other humans is the main question on debates over law and ethics of Autonomous Weapon Systems (AWS). According to the International Humanitarian Law, taking human lives and destroying objects during armed conflict treated as a lawfulness of an attack. How can legal […]

How IoT and AI is helping to fight crime

How IoT and AI is helping to fight crime You probably read or heard about 1984, a science fiction and anti-utopia masterpiece by George Orwell, where Big Brother was watching every citizen of an imaginary dictatorship country. In 2017 writer predictions became reality. Hopefully, for all of us, technologies are not limiting our freedom but […]