Vitaliy Goncharuk


I have practical background in applied math, software engineering, and business administration.

From 2008 I am a Technology Entrepreneur in Computer Vision / Augmented Reality and Machine Learning / Artificial Intelligence fields.

I am CEO and founder of Augmented Pixels(Palo Alto, USA), the company that was established in 2010 and which in 2016 was included in Top-10 Computer Vision Leaders for Augmented Reality and Robotics by VentureBeat (link: ).

In 2016 I was honored to be a mentor and a judge at NASA(USA) Space Race project (link: ) and was also asked to report in front of the board of directors of National Academy of Sciences (USA) about the long-term impact of Artificial Intelligence in several industries(link: ).

My hobbies: Skydiving, Good books, Mafia game(not Werewolf :=)), Jiu Jitsu(japanese style) and Control Line.

Please, feel free to contact with me via Facebook and Linkedin: